Funding Claims at High Volumes – How does Fenchurch Legal do it?

This article offers insight into our approach, explaining how Fenchurch Legal efficiently fund and manage such a large volume of claims while ensuring investor confidence.

Intro to Fenchurch Legal’s Funding Strategy

Litigation funding is a well-established concept that provides essential financial support for legal claims. While financing for high-value lawsuits is commonplace, small-ticket funding, especially at high volumes, remains a niche area. At Fenchurch Legal, we specialise in this very niche – efficiently managing and supporting a high volume of small-ticket consumer claims, with an average loan value of £3,000 each, spanning diverse areas such as housing disrepair and personal contract payments claims.

The Challenge of High-Volume Claims

While a single small claim might seem manageable, the sheer volume of “no win, no fee” cases can overwhelm a law firm’s financial and operational resources. Each claim demands substantial time and effort for investigation, evidence gathering, and legal representation.

Without additional funding, managing multiple cases simultaneously becomes a significant financial burden. This can limit a firm’s ability to take on new clients or dedicate sufficient resources to each claim. Securing funding to front the costs of these claims, allows the law firms to build strong processes and procedures allowing them to benefit from economies of scale.

Fenchurch Legal bridges this gap by providing the much-needed funding for law firms to handle a high volume of claims effectively. This allows them to focus on building strong cases and achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

Fenchurch’s Funding Success at High Volume

Over the past four years, Fenchurch Legal has established itself as a leader in high-volume, small-ticket claim funding. We’ve successfully funded over 12,000 cases across various law firms, demonstrating the effectiveness of our model.

Our success in specialising in high-volume claims stems from the combination of our technology, experienced team, and robust processes.

Strategies for Success:

  • Technology: State-of-the-art software isn’t just an advantage – it’s an imperative. It can streamline every aspect of the operations, automating repetitive tasks and facilitating efficient case vetting through rigorous risk management, ensuring efficient and reliable funding solutions.
  • Experienced Team: A knowledgeable team plays a crucial role in assessing claims, managing risk, and ensuring compliance with regulations. A team must go beyond just general experience – they should possess deep market knowledge and a nuanced understanding of the specific claim types.
  • Robust Processes: Clearly defined processes for loan approval, monitoring, and repayments are essential for maintaining transparency and accountability.

Fenchurch’s Secret Weapon: Bespoke Software

Recognising the limitations of manual processes and off-the-shelf loan management software, we developed our custom software solution to streamline the loan approval, monitoring, and repayment processes. This software facilitates efficient case vetting, enhances risk management, and provides robust audit trails, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Serving as the backbone of our operations, our bespoke software empowers us to manage a high volume of claims efficiently. It eliminates manual errors and incorporates built-in safety measures, such as preventing double-funded cases and cross-referencing duplicate data across the platform. This seamless approach is essential for managing drawdowns and repayments and ensuring the integrity of our funding processes.

Fenchurch Legal Litigation Funding Software

How the Funding Process Works

At Fenchurch Legal, we’ve designed a funding process that prioritises simplicity and efficiency, ensuring a smooth experience for both our borrowers and our team. Here’s how it works:

  1. Clear expectations from the start

When onboarding a new law firm, we establish pre-agreed criteria to help them understand the types of cases that qualify for funding. Cases must meet specific success rate thresholds, typically exceeding 80%, to be eligible for funding.

  1. Requesting Funding

Law firms can easily request funding by uploading batches of cases, usually ranging from 25 to 50, directly to our secure online platform on a regular basis. Upon receiving a funding request, we conduct an audit of a sample of the cases to ensure they meet our agreed terms. If the audit is satisfactory, the drawdown request is approved, and funding is released in a single lump sum.

  1. Monitoring & Auditing

We maintain ongoing monitoring and auditing of both the law firms and the cases they handle. This monitoring process involves internal and external assessments to ensure compliance with our funding criteria and regulatory standards.

  1. Repayments

Repayment tracking is simplified through our bespoke software, which enables seamless monitoring of repayment status. Close collaboration between our operations and accounts teams ensures complete transparency and provides valuable insight into the status of each loan, facilitating efficient management of repayment schedules.

Managing Risk in Volume Funding

Risk management is vital in high-volume funding, and Fenchurch Legal employs various strategies to mitigate risks effectively.

  • Diversification: Spreading funding across different law firms and case types is a crucial strategy for mitigating risk in high-volume claim funding. It minimises overexposure and creates a well-balanced portfolio.
  • After the Event (ATE) Insurance: Provides an extra layer of protection for investments in high-volume claim funding. It specifically covers the legal costs if a funded claim is unsuccessful.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence: Thorough assessment of cases and the law firm’s capacity to handle them ensures informed decision-making.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Proactive risk identification and mitigation safeguard investments. This includes requesting regular updates and performance data from law firms.


Our ability to efficiently manage high-volume small claims, driven by technology, team expertise, and robust processes, presents a compelling investment opportunity. With a proven track record of funding over 12,000 cases, our bespoke software ensures transparency and streamlines the process, minimizing risk

For more information on our funding solutions or litigation funding investment opportunities, please contact us.

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