Invest in Litigation Disbursement Funding with Fenchurch Legal

We provide investors access to a unique asset class with the potential to unlock superior returns and diversify your portfolio.

Litigation funding provides a distinctive avenue for diversification by offering an insurance-backed asset class that is largely uncorrelated with traditional investments like stocks and bonds.

The demand for funding disbursements in smaller cases is on the rise, paving the way for an expansion in the litigation funding market. Fenchurch Legal offers investors the chance to capitalise on these new opportunities.

Fenchurch Legal has a deep understanding of the litigation funding market with a proven track record of success. With our business at Fenchurch experiencing significant growth, we are pleased to present our investment offering to potential investors.

Why invest in Litigation Disbursement Funding?


Fenchurch Legal funds small-ticket claims at high volumes, which offers diversification to investors. This strategy spreads the investment risk across multiple cases and case types, reducing the reliance on the success of a single case.

Insurance Backed

All of the cases Fenchurch Legal funds are backed by an After the Event (ATE) Insurance Policy, covering all costs and disbursements of a case should it not succeed. This means that funding on cases is covered regardless of the outcome.

Security Features

Our funding offers unique security features and protection with upfront interest, ATE insurance, assignment of all case proceeds and debentures over the borrower’s assets. These unique security features effectively mitigate the risks of litigation funding.

Steady Returns

Litigation funding is largely uncorrelated with fluctuations of traditional capital markets and has historically generated returns of 10-12% per annum, significantly outperforming traditional investments. which makes it a good way to diversify your portfolio for secure income.

Growing Market

With a growing demand for funding disbursements in smaller cases, the litigation funding market is poised for expansion and investors have the opportunity to capitalise on this booming market.

Lower Entry Point

Our focus on smaller-ticket cases offers investors a flexible entry point into the litigation funding market with smaller investment amounts. This lowers the barrier compared to traditional alternatives, making it a more inclusive and accessible asset class.

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The growth and development of the market in recent years has helped to attract more investors who are diversifying away from traditional asset classes and potential returns seem likely to remain high for investors as the market is yet to fully mature.

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    Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results. Litigation funding involves risks, and potential investors should carefully consider the associated risks and suitability before making any investment decisions.