Our products

There are a number of ways that we can work together, and we have two products available.

Disbursement Funding

Having access to disbursement funding enables necessary resources to be financed such as expert witness reports that are required for a case to be successful.

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WIP Funding

WIP funding is the much-needed upfront funding facility which can fund and an element of WIP for each case in addition to the disbursements.

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Our loans are typically for a period of 12-18 months; however, we are your partner, not just your funder and we can create flexible terms to meet your requirements and can offer loans for a shorter or longer period.

With all our funding solutions, we ask for security by way of a fixed charge and assignment over the case and insurance proceeds.

Pricing tariffs

Fenchurch Legal offers loans on two simple pricing tariffs

Fixed non-refundable rate

A fixed amount of interest is charged upfront for the term of the loan. No interest is refunded if the case settles prior to the maturity date.

Fixed refundable rate

A higher fixed rate of interest is charged upfront for the term of the loan. If the case settles early, then any unaccrued interest is refunded.