Fenchurch Legal is a specialist litigation funder

We provide finance for small ticket ATE claims and their disbursements.

Based in London, Fenchurch Legal supports small medium-sized UK law firms by providing upfront loan capital to fund all or part of a claimant’s legal costs, enabling law firms to have the best chance of success and take on a greater number of cases.

The litigation funding market is diverse, but our business model is clear and focused. Our specialist area of focus is only funding small ticket ATE claims at high volumes.

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Fenchurch Legal was established in 2020 to fulfil the needs of small to medium-sized law firms seeking flexible and straightforward litigation financing.

Since launching, we have grown organically and funded over 12,000 cases, whilst establishing strong partnerships with our clients who value our simple pricing and drawdown models.

Why work with Fenchurch Legal?


Our entire process is simple from a smooth onboarding experience to straightforward drawdown requests.


We are flexible and can tailor solutions to each client’s unique needs.


Our access to secure capital allows us to deliver fast funding decisions, ensuring you have the best chance of success.

The finance that Fenchurch Legal provides us has enabled us to grow the business over the past 12-months. Fenchurch has helped us  fund more cases and free up capital to grow our business.

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